Widefoot Voile Strap

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High performance polyurethane cargo straps, manufactured in the USA by Voile.

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Voile Straps will securely hold your cargo where you need it. Strap your gear to your frame, handlebars, rack, seat rails or add some extra grip to your current cage or pack. These straps have been used worldwide on ski and bikepacking expeditions, in garages, backyards, roof racks, and truck beds. Voile Straps will outperform and outlive the nylon straps or bungee cords you’re currently using. High performance polyurethane makes these straps durable, UV and moisture resistant and workable in cold conditions. The slim-profiled buckles are forged of heat-treated aluminum and are both durable and lightweight.

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Length & Color

15" Grey, 20" Grey, 20" Black, 20" Red, 25" Red