Shifters for Bikes that Roam

Gevenalle shifters have proved to be the perfect match with our drop-bar mountain bikes ever since we started the distribution in late summer 2012. Simplicity, cross-compatibilty, durability and serviceability are the product characteristics and key features that cyclists all over the world appreciate. Thinking outside the box and strong dedication has paved the way for Gevenalle’s success. Since the launch of the first CX range, the once Cyclocross specific product portfolio has widely evolved. In early 2015 Gevenalle introduced GX – the first Dyna-Sys compatible shifters for drop-bars. This once again made it possible to overcome compatibility limitations of shifting components in times where classification of bicycles blurred and blended. Gevenalle shifters are hands down the best shifters for all drop-bar bikes that roam and with great confidence we use these shifters with our Monk Bike Works build kits.

Gevenalle goods finally back in stock!