Striving for less

While most people want to move to the cities, we wanted to get away. Trying to keep it simple and looking for as little distraction as possible, to focus on heartfelt matters. Now here we are, outside whenever possible – hanging out with our cat, feeding the chickens in the garden and riding bikes of course. Surrounded by hills, mountains and some wild flowers.

Bicycles perfectly remind us of less is more. Strolling through the woods keeps your mind and body sane. Our passion for the outdoors and mountain biking keeps on growing as we stay up to date with MTB trends while keeping a firm eye on its heritage. In-depth knowledge is essential to making the right choices for our own bikes. We love building nice bikes with quality parts and pride ourselves for a keen eye for detail and a sense of perfectionism. Always seeking to provide anyone riding one of our bikes with the most rewarding cycling experience possible.

Based in the foothills of the Harz mountain region in Germany, we put our own products to the test on a daily basis. We are all-year-round cyclists just like our customers and thus we understand the needs of our fellow riders. With our own framesets and carefully selected parts and accessories, we hope to give you a sense of simplicity that mirrors the experience of the outdoors. Join us in striving for less.